A new drive – for your company.

  • Range

    60 – 100 km (GO! T2.4 and GO! S2.4)

  • Emission


  • Load Capacity

    up to 180 kg

  • Torque

    54 Nm (114 Nm for GO! T/S 3.4 models)

  • Battery

    silicon or lithium / up to 3 kWh

  • Tyres

    More safety thanks to 130 13 inch wheels

  • Speed up to

    80 – 85 kph (GO! T3.4 and GO! S3.4)

Award Winning

The new dream of delivering.

Get real energy efficiency going – and shake high energy costs! With GOVECS’s zero-emission electric vehicles as an entrepreneur you can firstly contribute to the revolution of private transport. And besides you can revolutionize your own energy cost ratio. GOVECS provides the vehicle or the vehicle fleet that suits best your requirements and thus enables you to offer sustainability for your customers in the future.

GOVECS’s electric vehicles combine technology with the simplest handling and all aspects of environmentally friendly and cost-conscious logistics. The electric scooters of GOVECS are efficient, powerful and low-maintenance. Completely independent from fossil fuels these scooters can be simply charged at any household 230 V socket. This does not only help you to supply to your customers at low costs – but also gives you all a better drive.
Including environment and climate!

Always a Top model!

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And always customized

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