How far will I go one battery charge?

The range depends on several factors that require and use up energy, such as road condition, hills, outside temperature weight of the rider/ load and tyre pressure.

The battery technology has also an impact on the reach of an electric vehicle.

Depending on the model and the vehicle the range of one battery charge of GOVECS vehicles varies between 30 km (with the exchange battery) and 100 km.

How much does the power per 100 kilometres cost me?

The electricity costs amount to approximately € 0.21 to 0.30 per kWh, depending on the energy supplier. This means that with a GOVECS electric scooter your consumption is less than € 1 per 100 km.

What are the operational and maintenance costs?

For most of GOVECS’s electric scooters no taxes are payable, you only need a third liability insurance that in average costs € 70 per year (45 kph – "50 cc" comparable models).

In general, an electric drive has 70% less wear parts than a combustion engine. Depending on the driving volume you only have to observe the regular safety checks and inspections after 5,000 km.

As compared to a petrol scooter you save approx. € 100 per inspection with a GOVECS electric scooter.

Can I lease or finance GOVECS Roller?

We at GOVECS cooperate with CreditPlus Bank in the field of dealer purchase financing and sales financing. You also have the opportunity to raise with our leasing partners GOVECS electric scooter on the classic residual value leasing. Please contact us for an offer. Since 2012, 2-wheels can also be bought as company cars and taxed by 1% regulation.

How long does the GOVECS battery last?

At GOVECS we are providing our lithium batteries only with high-class Samsung and Panasonic cells.
All GOVECS vehicles have lithium ion batteries with a minimum durability for more than 50,000 km.

Do the batteries have a so-called “Memory Effect”?

GOVECS batteries do not have any “Memory Effect”. A regular loading does even have a positive impact on the lifetime of the battery. You do not have to fear a Memory Effect even in case of ever recurring intermediate charging.

What should one bear in mind when buying an electric scooter?

  1. Homologation
    All electric scooter models of GOVECS are internationally homologized.
  2. Does the producer of the electric scooter have a manufacturing authorization?
    In Europe there are several licensing and qualification processes in this respect. Thereby, the products are put to the test. GOVECS is a licensed, European manufacturer that passed all examination criteria with top grades.
  3. Quality tests for the products
    At GOVECS there is a special test procedure in this respect. Every scooter is thoroughly examined before it leaves the production site. In such a test setting, for instance various road and weather conditions are simulated and the respective reaction of the scooter was then examined.
  4. Contact partner in the home country
    GOVECS has a well-established network of dealers and service points (http://www.govecs.de/service-haendler/service-haendler0.html).
    GOVECS GmbH has its head office in Munich and is always available for you as direct point of contact.
  5. Guarantee & Service

    GOVECS grants a manufacturer guarantee of 2 years.

    This guarantee is available for GOVECS customers for the entire vehicle, including battery, without any kind of kilometre limit.

    Additionally, GOVECS customers in Germany obtain a gratuitous mobility guarantee for the first year due to the cooperation with ADAC.

    Our partner workshop of BOSCH Car Service is also glad to take over your technical service, inspections and maintenance. If required, we shall be glad to train your technicians as well.

Why might electric scooters be interesting for your company as well?

Cost efficiency:
Electric scooters are extremely favourable both with respect to the power consumption as well as the servicing and maintenance.

With a GOVECS electric scooter you have the full torque of 54 Nm (respectively 114 Nm for the model GO! S/T3.5 and GO! S/T3.6) right from the start. Moreover, you will not have any problems with parking spaces and are able to get through congestions quickly.

Be that in "Green zones or quiet zones” – in Germany the call for silent means of transport is getting louder and louder. With an electric scooter you do not disturb anybody and are able to easily enter all zones and make your delivery.

Image & Marketing:
An electric scooter of GOVECS offers a large advertising space. You can apply your firm logo, your slogan or your company’s colours without any problems. We at GOVECS shall be glad to support and advise you in that, so that your company’s electric scooter strikes the eye in the future and your company is associated with sustainable and innovative, modern entrepreneurship.

GOVECS vehicles have a very low central centre of gravity, comprise an efficient belt drive and are thus light, manoeuvrable and safe in terms of driving experience and ride comfort. GOVECS is a fully European manufacturer using predominantly high-class and lasting, robust components.

GOVECS electric scooters comprise a high-quality BMS (Battery Management System). Through this system the functional state of the battery – and thus of the electric scooters – can be seen exactly at any time and in such a manner the (residual) value of the electric scooter can be determined.

Can the vehicle be specified to meet individual requirements?

GOVECS runs its own production plant in Wroclaw – the so-called “Heart of Europe”. Here we have a team of engineers, a development and design team, a „Supply Chain Team“ and a large number of quality managers, which supervise the quality test status and the production process from the prototype to the final assembly.

For this reason GOVECS offers you the opportunity to produce individual solutions for your company, for instance special carrier constructions for deliveries or freight transports or an individual branding.

What does the cooperation with GOVECS look like?

GOVECS responds to your needs from the mere beginning of a transaction and finds out your individual requirements, demands and wishes together with you.

Our partner workshops of BOSCH Car Service are moreover available for your After Sales Service at any time and offer regular inspections and servicing. If needed we shall also be glad to provide training to your internal technicians.

With the GOVECS electric scooters you also have a one year mobility guarantee of ADAC.

What are the delivery times for scooters and spare parts?

The sale of our spare parts and scooters is covered through renowned logistics partners throughout Germany. Unless it is a prototype, we deliver within 3-5 working days against prepayment.

If you require a custom-built vehicle, the delivery time depends on the expenditure, however, as a rule it is possible within a term of 60 days.

GOVECS electric scooters compared to petrol scooters?

  • Low consumption:
    Less than € 1 per 100 km as compared to € 5 to 6 for a petrol scooter.
  • Environmentally friendly, low-noise, no emissions and no unpleasant smell: No consumption of fossil fuels and thus no emission.
  • High performance:
    High efficiency and powerful torque of the motor, connected to a fast acceleration of the scooter.
  • The electric drive has significantly less movable parts due to the construction type, which have to be repaired or exchanged:
    70% less costs for the annual servicing.

GOVECS electric scooters compared to other electric scooters?

  • Our products are designed, developed and produced in Europe.
  • 85% of the built in components are of European origin.
  • Exceptions are for instance the batteries of Samsung and Panasonic.
  • GOVECS is licensed and qualified as European manufacturer in accordance with European standards.
  • GOVECS scooters are homologized for the entire European market.
  • Each GOVECS scooter is tested for functionality and quality before it leaves our factory.
  • Due to the European origin and our processes a fast and reliable delivery is granted.
  • All GOVECS vehicles comprise an integrated charger (with a 5 metre charger cable) and can be charged at any common household socket.

How does the power get into the vehicle?

The vehicles of GOVECS can be charged through the integrated charger at every common household socket (230 V). Our models GO! S/T1.5 moreover comprise a removable battery that you can take with you everywhere – like a mobile phone – and recharge it by means of an external charger.


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